PHY 342 :  Nonlinear Dynamics
(January 2021 semester)

This is the first course on nonlinear dynamics.

Course contents :
Books :
(Reference numbers mentioned later refer to these books.)

1. Nonlinear dynamics and chaos by Steven Strogatz
(Classic introductory text for students from any science background.)

2. Chaos : Introduction to dynamical systems by K. T. Alligood, T. D. Sauer and J. A. Yorke
(This textbook has mathemtical flavour to it.)

3. Chaos in dynamical systems  by Edward Ott
(The chaos textbook for physicists. A bit too condensed and fast-paced.)

4. Chaos and nonlinear dynamics : An introduction for scientists and engineers by Robert Hilborn
(A good nonlinear dynamics textbook for physicists. Good for those seeking physical intuition and explanations.)

5. Introduction to nonlinear physics by Liu Lam
(A good nonlinear dynamics textbook at introductory level.)

Evaulation :
Midsem     : 50 %
Final         : 50 %

Online class schedule :
The course is run online using Google classroom. Live sessions will happen on alternate Fridays from 9.00 am to 10.00 am. Next three live sessions will be held on 19.2.2021, 5.3.2021 and 19.3.2021. For all other days, recorded lecture will be uploaded.

8.2.2021   :     Online class begins. Follow updates to the course here.

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