PHY420 Atomic and Molecular Physics

BS-MS 2014, I-PhD 2016 Batches, 2018 Spring Semester

Instructor: Bhas Bapat

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Updated 13-Apr-2018

Course Contents

Approximately 3 lectures each on the following topics:
  1. Experiments that give insights into the structure of the atom
  2. Schrodinger equation for Hydrogen and fine structure of energy levels
  3. Many electron atoms Hartree-Fock and Thomas-Fermi models
  4. Zeeman and Stark Effects
  5. Interaction of Atoms with radiation, Dipole Approximation, Oscillator Strengths
  6. Einstein Coefficients, 2 and 3 level atoms and principle of lasing
  7. Electron-Atom, Ion-Atom, Atom-Atom Scattering, Atoms in strong EM fields,
  8. Ionisation by charged particles and photons
  9. Diatomic Molecules, Molecular Orbitals, Angular Momentum
  10. Born-Oppenheimer Approximation, Potential Energy Curves, Electronic, Vibrational and Rotational degrees of freedom
  11. Optical, Infrared, Microwave and Raman Spectroscopy
The following topics may be dealt with depending on how we progress.
  1. Trapping and Cooling of Atoms and Molecules
  2. Current Research in Atomic and Molecular Physics

TOTAL 40 lectures approximately

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We meet on Mondays at 10:50, Wednesdays at 10:50 and Thursdays at 08:30 (in LHC 101).

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There will be a tutorial on every alternate week. This will be conducted by Deepak, and will be either on Friday at 18:00 hours or during one of the lecture slots. A problem sheet will be given approximately a few days in advance. Students are expected to attempt solving these problems on their own before the tutorial. Solutions will only be outlined in the Tutorial; problems will not be completely solved. Tutorials will not be graded.

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Course Material


We will mainly follow W Demtröder , but other books will often be useful. This will be indicated in the class.

Demotröder's book does not include scattering. Bransden-Joachain and Landau-Lifshitz (Sections 32–35,45 and sections from Chapters XVII,XVIII) should be referred to.

Instructor's Notes

These are my own notes. Please treat them as a mere guideline to topics discussed. They are not proof-read. They will be updated weekly.

Supplementary Material

These are publicly available files from course instructors of various Universities. The free availability of these notes is acknowledged with thanks!

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Course evaluation scheme
a. End-sem examination 40%
b. Mid-sem examination 30%
c. Two Quizzes (25 Jan, 28 Mar) 15% + 15%

Tutorials, Exams

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