Bhas Bapat

Professor (Physics) and Dean (Academics)
Telephone: +91-20-2590-8239

Updated on Apr 2019

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Research Interests

  • Atomic Collisions, Molecular Fragmentation (Experiments)
    • momentum spectroscopy of doubly charged molecular ions
      (formed by electron-impact )
    • photoionisation and fragmentation of molecules
      (using the Indus-1 synchrotron )
    • ion molecule collisions -- fragmentation dynamics of multiply charged molecular ions
      (using the Pelletron accelerator at IUAC )
    • Towards state-selective molecular fragmentation: Combination of Auger Electron spectroscopy and ion momentum spectroscopy
  • Instrumentation
    • We are building an ion spectrometer for the forthcoming ISRO solar mission (Aditya-L1)
    • We are building an ion beam facility for very high charge ions based on a magnetically confined electron beam ion source/trap and a DC accelerator. Design target is 30 keV/q.

Research Plans

  • The ion spectrometer at L1 will obtain data on solar wind velocity distributions with separation of protons and alpha particles and is expected to provide inputs for solar wind propagation and evolution models.
  • A new molecular collisions programme at IISER Pune (DST-SERB grant)
    • Study of shell-specific ionisation and subsequent fragmentation of small molecules under ion-impact (most previous studies are with photoionisation)
    • Non-perturbative regime (q/v >> 1) collisions expected to open up many interesting features such as alignment and orientation of the target, resonant capture of electrons from specific shells of the target molecule.
    • These aspects have not been studied together under a single perturbation, although they have been studied independent of each other, under differing perturbations – charged particles and photons

Some Talks


  • Courses Taught at IISER Pune
  • Courses Taught Earlier
    • A course on Experimental Techniques taught at PRL, Ahmedabad
    • A Modern Physics course for architects: The Smart Ones behind Smart Phones taught at CEPT, Ahmedabad
    • I taught for several years at the Advanced BSc programme run at the Community Science Centre Ahmedabad.
  • Learning Physics through experimentation
    • Rebuilding Classic Experiments for undergraduate students to learn from

Publications and CV

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Former Students and Post-Docs

I was a faculty member at Physical Research Laboratory Ahmedabad during 2001–2014.
  • Dr Vandana Sharma (Assist. Prof. at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad)
    PhD 2007
  • Dr R K Kushwaha (Reader at Physical Research Laboratory Ahmedabad)
    PhD 2010
  • Dr Arvind Saxena (PostDoc at Institute of Plasma Research Gandhinagar)
    PhD 2014
  • Dr Koushik Saha (PostDoc at Weizmann Institute Israel)
    PhD 2014
  • Dr Amrendra Pandey (PostDoc at Raman Research Institute Bangalore)
    PhD 2015
  • Dr R K Singh (Reader at Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar)

Current PhD Students

Deepak Sharma
(2014 onwards)
Suddhasattwa Mandal
(2015 onwards)
Arnab Sen
(2015 onwards)
Sumit Srivastava
(2017 onwards)