PHY121 Introductory Lab

2014 Fall Semester

For the 2014 BS-MS batch

Instructors: Bhas Bapat, Ashna Bajpai, Arijit Bhatacharya, Shouvik Dutta

Experiments to be done as part of this course

  1. Mechanics
    1. Oscillations (Harmonic and anharmonic motion)
      1. Physical Pendulum
      2. Coupled Pendulum
    2. Elasticity of materials
      1. Torsional Pendulum
      2. Young's Modulus
    3. Retarded motion
      1. Viscosity
      2. Euler's method to determine coefficient of friction
  2. Electricity and Magnetism
    1. Faraday's and Lenz's Law (interdependence of E, B)
    2. Generating a uniform B field (Helmholtz coil)
    3. Magnetic field and its spatial dependence (Repulsion between magnets)
    4. Measurement of small currents/charges (Ballistic Galvanometer)
  3. Optics
    1. Refractive Index of a glass prism
    2. Inverse Square law of Light Intensity

Download the lab manual here

Download the roll-number-wise sequence of experiments

Updated 12-Aug-2014