PHY310     Mathematical methods in physics
(Aug-Dec 2009)

Course contents :

1. Linear algebra
2. Complex variables
3. Differential equations
4. Fourier and other integral transforms
5. Approximation methods
6. Greens function
7. Group theory

Text book :
Mathematical methods for physicists (6th edition)
Arfken and Weber

Grading :
15%  :  Assignments
20%  :  Mid-sem exam
25%  :  Class tests
40%  :  Final exam

Recommended book for linear algebra part :
Linear algebra and its applications, Gilbert Strang (3rd edition)

For Differential equations part :
Differential equations, George F. Simmons


Assignment-2 (Linear algebra)

Assignment-3 (Differential equations)

Assignment-4 (Integral transforms) 21.11.2009

Notes on Green's function (Courtesy: Prof. Peter Young, UCSC)

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