PHY 441 / 6414 : Quantum Information

This is a first course on the fundamentals of quantum information and quantum computation. This course is suitable for advanced undergraduates and PhD students who have already taken a first course in quantum mechanics.
This website will have all the updates for this course.

This course will cover the following topics (download PDF file) :

Evaluation :
Quiz (2-3): 30%
Midsem : 30%
Endsem : 40%

Suggested Books :

1. Quantum computation and quantum information
Michael Nielsen and Isaac Chuang (Cambridge University Press, 2006).

2. An introduction to quantum computing
P. Kaye, R. Laflamme and M. Mosca, (Oxford Univ Press, 2010)

3. Preskill's online lecture notes

Brief introduction to complexity classes

Turing machine  
Try a visual Turing simulator

Some more about ciruit identities
A paper that obtains a large number of circuit identities

First quiz will be held on 13.9.2022 at 9 AM. It will cover everything taught in class until 6.9.2022

Problem set -1 (Try these and more problems from text books)

Interesting article on measurement problem by David Mermin

Mid-semester exam will be held on 30.9.2022 from 10 am to 12 noon. Everything taught in class until 20.9.2022 will be covered in the exam.
Try doing the problems given during the lectures but not solved by the instructor. Also, try solving more problems from Nielsen and Chuang book from relevant sections.

▶ You can collect your quiz-1 answer sheets on 22.9.2022 at 5 PM from my office.

Second quiz will be held on 31.10.2022 from 6 PM to 6.45 PM. Everything taught in class from 25.9.2022 until 25.10.2022 will be covered in the exam.

Mid-sem exam question paper    ▶ Mid-sem exam solutions

End-sem exams will take place on 25.11.2022. Every thing covered in the course will be part of endsem exam. However, you can expect about 60 to 70% questions from the portion taught after midsem exam.

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