PHY 220 : Quantum mechanics and Relativity

Text Books:

( You can look up any introductory modern physics text book. The following
books serve only as a guideline. )

1.  Arthur Beiser : Concepts of Modern Physics
2.  R. Eisberg      :  Quantum physics of atoms, molecules, solids, nuclei and particles
3.  E. H. Wichman : Quantum physics (Berkeley Physics Course)

Course Content :
Special theory of relativity
Particle properties of waves
Wave as particles
Structure of atom
Quantum mechanics
Hydrogen atom
Many electron atoms
Introductory statistical physics

Grading :
30 % :  Class tests and assignments
30 % :  Mid - sem exam
40 % :  End sem exam

Black body radiation :
Lecture notes - 1

For standing waves, see Physics of vibrations and waves, H. J. Pain
For solid angle etc., see Mathematical methods for physicists, George B. Arfken

Some web resources :
Black body spectra
Black body radiation in more detail
Earth's Radiation budget : link 1  link 2
Black body radiation and CMBR

Wave properties of particles :
Lecture notes - 2
For phase/group velocity of waves, see Physics of vibrations and waves, H. J. Pain .
See also, Quantum Mechanics (Berkeley Physics Course - volume 4), E. Wichmann.
Animation of phase vs. group velocity (Courtesy : Wikipedia)

Problem sheet - 1 (Feb, 2009)

Problem sheet - 2 (April, 2009)

Statistical Mechanics :
Lecture notes -3

Problem Sheet - 3

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