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Synthesis and self-assembly of amphiphilic homoglycopolypeptide

Vinita Dhaware, Ashif Y. Shaikh, Mrityunjoy Kar, Srinivas Hotha, Sayam Sen Gupta

Langmuir, 2013, 29, 5659-5667


Facile synthesis of β- And α-arabinofuranosides and application to cell wall motifs of M. tuberculosis

Shivaji A. Thadke, Bijoyananda Mishra, Srinivas Hotha

Organic Letters, 2013, 15, 2466-2469


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Tetrazine Templated Method for Ternary Conjugates

Boddu Venkateswara Rao,a Snehal Dhokale,b Pattuparambil R. Rajamohananb and Srinivas Hothaa

Chemical Communications (In Press)


Gold catalysed glycosidation for the synthesis of trisaccharides by armed/disarmed strategy

Abhijeet K. Kayastha and Srinivas Hothaa

Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry (In Press)


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