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Gold-catalyzed Glycosidation Laboratory (G2L)

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Pune - 411008, Maharasthra, India



+91 20 2590 8015, +91 20 2589 9790 (fax), +91 9823677254

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Gold nanoparticle networks with photoresponsive interparticle spacings

Deepti S. Sidhaye, Sudhir Kashyap, Murali Sastry, Srinivas Hotha, B. L. V. Prasad

Langmuir, 2005, 21, 7979-7984

Diversity oriented synthesis of tricyclic compounds from glycals using the Ferrier and the Pauson-Khand reactions

Srinivas Hotha, Ashish Tripathi

Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, 2005, 7, 968-976



Stereoselective synthesis of spiroannulated cyclopentenones by the Pauson-Khand reaction on carbohydrate derived enynes

Srinivas Hotha, Sushil Kumar Maurya, Mukund K. Gurjar

Tetrahedron Letters, 2005, 46, 5329-5332



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Niobium(V) chloride catalyzed microwave assisted synthesis of 2,3-unsaturated O-glycosides by the Ferrier reaction

Srinivas Hotha, Ashish Tripathi

Tetrahedron Letters, 2005, 46, 4555-4558



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Expedient synthesis of 1,2,3-triazole-fused tetracyclic compounds by intramolecular Huisgen ('click') reactions on carbohydrate-derived azido-alkynes

Srinivas Hotha, Ramakrishna I. Anegundi, Arvind A. Natu

Tetrahedron Letters, 2005, 46, 4585-4588



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