Madhura Bhattacherjee

Graduate student

Madhura is interested in studying the effect of sampling on the inferred distribution of molluscan assemblages.

K S Venu Gopal

Graduate student

Venu is interested in understanding the biotic response to environmental changes and paleobiogeography of molluscs.

Avinash Dahakey

Graduate student

Avinash is evaluating the influence of habitat in determining marine molluscan diversity in the Andaman Islands.

Amitaprajna Mallik

MS student

Amit is working on the past seagrass community structure and their isotopic signatures.

Om Adarsh

MS student

Om is working on the benthic molluscan diversity along depth gradients and its relationship to competition.


Saurav Dutta (PhD, 2020): Post-doctoral fellow, Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), Israel

Debarati Chattopadhyay (PhD, 2019): Post-doctoral fellow, IIT Kharagpur, India

Deepjay Sarkar (PhD, 2017): Assistant Professor, T. D. B. College, Raniganj, India

Subhabrata Paul (Post-doc, 2015): Assistant Professor, IIT Kgp, India.

Sai Kulkarni (BS thesis, 2022): MSc student, University of Reading, UK.

Anupama C (BS-MS, 2020): Graduate student, Indiana University, USA.

Vignesh Babu (BS-MS, 2020): Junior Associate, State Bank of India, India.

K. Ravi Kiran (BS-MS, 2016): PhD candidate at Binghamton University, USA

Ammu Sankar (BS-MS, 2016): Graduate student, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

Shibajyoti Das (BS-MS, 2015): Graduate student, Syracuse University, USA.

Mansi Jain (BS-MS, 2015): Data analyst at Schlumberger Ltd, Pune, India.

S. R. Prasanjit (BS-MS, 2013): Manager (Geology), Odisha Mining Corporation, India.

Ashish Rathie (BS-MS, 2012): Lecturer, Narayana IIT Academy, Hyderabad, India.