Associate Professor, IISER Pune (2021-present)
Assistant Professor, IISER Pune (2017-2021)


PhD in Physics, The Pennsylvania State University (2009-2012)
Dual Degree in Mechanical Engineering/Energy Technology, IIT-Madras (2007)

Previous positions held, honors etc

INSA Young Scientist Medal 2020
2014-2016 Guest scientist, Max Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany
2012-2014 NORDITA Fellow, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stockholm, Sweden


(2019-2022) Early career research grant
(2019-2023) CNRS-IISER joint grant (jointly with F Alet)

Graduate students

Abhishek Anand (working on FQH systems)
Naveen Nishad (IISER Pune → Technion, Israel)

BSMS thesis students

Santhosh M (IISER Pune → Indiana University)
Aditya Kolhatkar (IISER Pune → Cornell University)
Rushikesh Patil (coadvising with K Damle, TIFR)(IISER Pune → UC Santa Barbara)
Dayal Singh (IISER Pune → University of Maryland, College Park)
Sandeep Joy (IISER Pune → Ohio State University)
Kaarthik Abhinav (IISER Pune → Ohio State University)
Manoj Hegde