Sourabh Dube

Associate Professor of Physics
Main Building, Room # A362

Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
Pune, Maharashtra 411021, India

Phone: +91 (20) 2590 8146
Email: sdube AT





I am an experimental particle physicist. The experimental group at IISER, Pune (link) is a part of the CMS collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva. My primary research interests are the searches for particles not described by the standard model (SM). In the past I have worked at the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, and the CDF experiment at the Tevatron.

Primarily, I search for beyond standard model (BSM) phenomena in lepton final states. In Run 1 of the LHC, I worked on model-independent multilepton searches. The goal was to probe the multilepton parameter space for any departures from the SM. I also searched for microscopic blackhole production at the LHC in a dimuon final state - this was the only search with non-isolated and non-prompt muons.

In Run 2 of the LHC, I shifted focus to two specific BSM models: the type-III Seesaw model, and Vector-like leptons. Both of these generate multilepton final states, and by the end of Run 2, my result had the best LHC constraints on both of these models. During this process (and Run 2) I have also become interested in various multivariate algorithms and their applications in HEP. These include various types of neural networks as well as dimensionality reduction algorithms.

Selected publications

(full list)
LHC Run 2 (CMS)
Inclusive nonresonant multilepton probes of new phenomena at √s=13 TeV. The CMS Collaboration, Phys. Rev. D 105, 112007 (2022)
Search for vector-like leptons in multilepton final states in proton-proton collisions at √s= 13 TeV". The CMS Collaboration, Phys. Rev. D 100, 052003 (2019)
Search for evidence of the type-III seesaw mechanism in multilepton final states in proton-proton collisions at √s=13 TeV. The CMS Collaboration, Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 221802 (2017)
Lepton jets and low-mass sterile neutrinos at hadron colliders. Sourabh Dube, Divya Gadkari, Arun Thalapillil, Phys. Rev. D96 (2017) 055031
Search for new phenomena in events with three or more charged leptons in pp collisions at √s =8 TeV with the ATLAS detector. The ATLAS Collaboration, JHEP 08 (2015) 138
Search for microscopic black holes in a like-sign dimuon final state using large track multiplicity with the ATLAS detector. The ATLAS Collaboration, Phys. Rev. D 88 072001 (2013)
Tevatron Run 2 (CDF)
Search for Supersymmetry in ppbar Collisions at √s = 1.96 TeV using the Trilepton Signature of Chargino-Neutralino Production. The CDF Collaboration, Phys. Rev. Lett 101 , 251801 (2008)
Addressing the Multi-Channel Inverse Problem at High Energy Colliders: A Model Independent Approach to the Search for New Physics with Trileptons. Sourabh Dube et al., J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 39 (2012) 085004