Sourabh Dube

Associate Professor of Physics
Main Building, Room # A362

Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
Pune, Maharashtra 411021, India

Phone: +91 (20) 2590 8146
Email: sdube AT



Spring 2022PHY422, Nuclear and Particle Physics
Fall 2021PH2113, Introductory Quantum Mechanics
Spring 2021TD113, Introduction to Computing, with python
Spring 2020PHY202, World of Physics: Quantum Mechanics
Fall 2019PH1123, the first semester physics lab course.
Spring 2019PHY121, the second semester physics lab course.
Spring 2018PHY121
Fall 2017PHY201, World of Physics: E & M.
Spring 2017PHY434, the eighth semester physics lab course.
Fall 2016 PHY221, the third semester physics lab course.
Spring 2016 PHY422, Nuclear and Particle Physics. 
Fall 2015 PHY221 
Spring 2015 PHY202  
Fall 2014 PHY221 
Spring 2014PHY202