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Candidates interested in the PhD program in Mathematics must qualify one of following (please go to the admissions page for more details):

All applicants must have a Master's degree or a four year bachelor's degree (e.g. B.Tech.) at the time of admission. For more information on the admission procedure and requirements, please click on Admissions. Students who have only a Bacherlor's degree at the time of admissions may apply for the Integrated Ph.D. program which has an extra year of coursework.

Teaching Assistance

All students in their 2nd year are expected to TA one of the undergraduate courses. TA duties include conducting tutorial sessions once per week, correcting assignments/exams/quizzes, and helping to set and invigilate exams/quizzes. This program will give our PhD students teaching experience, which will be very helpful to them in their future careers. It will also be beneficial for the BS-MS students since it provides them with additional help.


All applicants who have been selected through interview process will be provided with an Institute Research Fellowship if they do not have an external source of funding (like NBHM, CSIR, etc). The continuation of the Fellowship is subject to satisfactory academic performance. All students on the Institute Fellowship are strongly advised to get an external Fellowship as soon as possible after joining IISER Pune.