Welcome to the infectious diseases hazard map project. The map below shows 446 cities/towns in India with a population of more than 1 lakh. Hover the mouse over any red dot to get its average hazard rank. Click on it, and you can make that city/town as the outbreak location for an infectious disease. This will take you to the hazard map with the chosen outbreak location. You can also choose the outbreak location using the following dropdown menu.

You can get more details here. Average hazard rank indicates the relative risk faced by a city/town due to any infectious disease. Smaller the rank, more the risk. Thus, rank 3 is more at risk compared to rank 4, and so on. For more details, see Current Science 121, 1208 (2021) or arXiv/2105.15123.
Note that the location of some cities on the map may not be accurate.