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Amit Apte
Department of Data Science, IISER Pune (on lien from ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru)
A-411 main building (maths floor); +91-20-25908641;


(a) TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore; (b) Indian Statistical Institute, Ban- galore; (c) ICTS-TIFR; (d) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; (e) Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute / University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

8.  Dynamical systems: 2021 Jan-Apr (d), 2019 Jan-Apr (c)

7.  Dynamical systems and data assimilation:  2019 Jan-Apr (d), 2018 Jan-Apr (e), 2017 Jan-  Apt (d), 2016 Jan-Apr  (c)

6.  Numerical analysis: 2016 Jan-Apr (c), 2014 Jan-Apr, 2013 Jan-Apr (b), 2012 Aug-Dec (a)

5. Mathematical modelling: 2012 Jan-Apr, 2012 Aug-Dec (a)

4. Ordinary differential equations: 2010 Aug-Dec, 2009 Aug-Dec (a)

3. Classical mechanics: 2008 Aug-Dec, 2008 Jan-Apr (a)

2. Multivariable calculus: 2006 Aug-Dec (e)

1. Tutorials for several physics courses: 1998-2004 (UT-Austin)