Welcome to the Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics Lab

We are an experimental atomic physics group at IISER Pune. The primary focus of our research group is in using ultracold atoms and ions for studying quantum physics and developing Quantum enabled technologies.

    Current focus of our group is on the following aspects :

  • Distributed quantum information processing using atom-plasmon coupling

  • Quantum chaos experiments with atom-optics kicked rotor

  • Atom interferometry using Rb BEC

  • Optical atomic clock based on the narrow linewidth transition in Strontium

  • Optical tweezer experiments

  • Gravitational wave astronomy and physics in collaboration with IUCAA

Details about the above topics are found in the research section.
We collaborate with M.S. Santhanam and Rejish Nath for theory support in our experiments.

We are looking for passionate new PhD students, Postdocs, and Master students to join the team more information !

We are grateful for funding from IISER Pune , DST , SERB and CSIR


26. January 2022

Demonstration of Laboratory Prototype of a Gravimeter based on atom interferometry with Bose – Einstein Condensate (BEC)

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