I am an associate professor at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research.


  1. Fall 2014 : MTH 100 : Introduction to Proof

Select Publications

  1. A. Prasad, P. Singla, and S. Spallone, Similarity of matrices over local rings of length two Indiana Univ. Math.J., to appear.
  2. S. Spallone, Stable Trace Formulas and Discrete Series Representations Pacific J. Math. 256 (2012), no. 2, 435-488.
  3. A. Jenkins and S. Spallone, Local Analytic Conjugacy of Semi-hyperbolic Mappings in two variables, in the non-archimedean setting Internat. J. Math. 23 (2012), no.6, 1250059, 21pp.
  4. S. Spallone, Stable Discrete Series Characters at Singular Element Canad. J. Math. 61 (2009), no.6, 1375--1382