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Project-funded postdoctoral and project fellow (JRF) positions are available.

Please see below for details.


We are constantly looking for enthusiastic and suitably qualified researchers who can make significant contributions in advancing our groups scientific goals. One can join our group as a Ph. D student or as a postdoctoral fellow. Time to time depending on the lab space we also encourage students to apply for IISER, Pune summer internship program.


Our research programs are multidisciplinary, and hence, research personals working in our group will be exposed to a wide range of techniques in synthetic organic chemistry, biophysics, molecular and cell biology. We also actively collaborate with biologist and material scientists from within IISER-Pune and other universities.


For Ph.D. program: Students who are interested in pursuing doctoral degree in our group should apply for the Ph.D. program at IISER, Pune. Please IISER Pune website for further details.

For general inquiries, we request you to seriously consider the research activities of the group and your research interest before writing to Dr. Srivatsan.


For Postdoctoral position: Advertisements on project funded positions will be published when available (See below). Other than these positions, we are always interested in receiving applications from talented scientists with strong interest in our research area. We expect such candidates to apply for external funding. Some of the postdoctoral fellowship awards are listed below.

IISER Pune postdoctoral program (only limited positions are available)

National postdoctoral fellowship (DST-SERB)

CSIR postdoctoral fellowship


Funded postdoctoral positions are available: Advertisement for postdoctoral positions in our group supported by a sponsored project will soon be put up in the IISER, Pune website.

We are looking for highly motivated and bright researchers with expertise in the following area.

Position 1: Ph. D in nucleic acid, protein or nucleic acid-protein complex crystallography. Should have expertise in optimizing conditions to crystallize above said biopolymers by hanging drop vapour diffusion method or other methods; ability to identify and pick good quality single crystals; and importantly, should be able to fully solve the crystal structure using the data obtained from synchrotron radiation facility. We have a collaborator in IISER, Pune who would also help us in the X-ray analysis of nucleic acids.


Position 2: Ph. D in molecular and cell biology. Should have extensive expertise in molecular biology and cell biology. Should be able to setup and maintain cell and tissue culture facility of the lab; expertise in cloning and other fixed cells and live cells experiments/imaging, microinjection technique will be very useful.


Funded project fellow (JRF) position is available: Advertisement for a project fellow (JRF) position in our group supported by a sponsored project will soon be put up in the IISER, Pune website.

We are looking for highly motivated and bright researchers with organic synthesis background and some basic experimental knowledge in biophysics and molecular biology. One or two years of research experience in a laboratory environment or in industry may be preferred.

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