Some instructions related to midsem exam :

This test will cover everything taught in
class until 14.9.2018, except numpy and

The midsem exam for the IDC 101 course would
be a two-hour written exam.

You need to know Python programming language to
the extent taught until 14.9.2018. You should be able
to solve simple problems of the type given in the
lab exercises.

The exam will be a test of how well you know python
language. You will NOT be asked to write full python
programs. But, there might be other kinds of questions.
For example, if a simple python program is given, you
should be able to write the output of the program.
Or, you should be able to correct the errors in the

Here are two sample questions :

What is the output of the following code ?
for i in range(5.0):
    print (i)


This program has errors. Correct the error in this
program. What would be the output of this program ?

def f(x)
    return x*x

  for n in [1,5,15]:
  print (sum)


During the exam, you will not have access to internet,
notes, calculators, previously written programs
or any other kind of help.

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