Engineering Projects

Development of a scanning probe microscope controller (Electronics Engineering)
In nanomechanics lab, we keep developing new instruments for different projects to investigate mechanics at single molecule or nano-scale. We need to interface these instruments to computers for data acquisition and further analysis. An important component in these developments is suitable electronics that provides interface between the instrument and computers.

Development SPM controller for ultra high vacuum tuning fork AFM controller(Electronics Engineering)
We plan to build an Atomic Force Microscope for in Ultra high vacuum conditions for atomic scale resolution. We are planning to also develop a dedicated controller for this instrument.

High speed digital PID controller (Electronics Engineering)

Analog PID controller (Electronics Engineering)

Ultra High Vacuum, Tuning Fork based AFM for atomic resolution (Mechanical Engineering)

Development of prototype low-cost AFM for Under-graduate labs

Flexural scanner for AFM (Mechanical Engineering)