Current Lab Members

Shivprasad Patil
Associate Professor, Wellcome-DBT Intermediate fellow

1995 B.Sc. Willingdon College, Shivaji University
1996 M.Sc. University of Pune
2003 Ph.D. University of Pune
2003-2005 Post-doctoral Fellow at Wayne State University, USA
2005-2007 Post-doctoral Fellow at IMM, CSIC Madrid, Spain

Ph.D Student

Rheological properties of nano confined liquids.

Shatruhan Singh Rajput
Ph.D Student

Single molecule protein force spectroscopy

Ajith V. J.
Ph.D Student

Building a novel NSOM to optically probe nanoconfined water.

Jyoti Yadav
Ph.D Student

Surface chemistry of cantilever based Biosensors

Vikhyaat Ahlawat
Ph.D Student

Statistical approach to study unfolding of membrane proteins

Viplove Tyagi
Ph.D Student

Fluorecence Correlation Spectroscopy(FCS)

Surya Pratap S. Deopa
Ph.D Student

Building Quartz tuning fork based FM-AFM

Priya Batra
Int. Ph.D Student


Saurabh Talele
5th Year BS-MS Student

Building Small Amplitude AFM for Force Spectroscopy

Almuni - Nano-mechanics Lab

Arpita Roychoudhury
Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D in Biophysics from Institute for Physical Biology
Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf, Germany.

Monica Raina
Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D in Development of Biosensors from University of Leeds,UK.

Suyash Naik

He is currently doing his 5th year BS-MS at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France.

A. V. R. Murthy
Ph.D Student

He completed his Ph.D on "To study the photophysical properties of single semiconductor nanostructures using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy ''. Postdoc. from INRA France. Now INSPIRE Faculty at DIAT Pune

Karan Kapoor

Currently doing Ph.D at University of Pittsburgh, USA.

Roshni Bano

She is currently doing Ph.D at University of Illonois, Urbana Champaign, USA.

Vibham Shukla

Currently works for Heymath, Chennai.

Vinod Kanawade
Project Fellow

Currently working for GE, Banglore.

Usha Shete
Project Assistant

Prasant Sharma
Project Student, BS-MS

He did his MS Project

Shubham Umap
Project Fellow

He is currently an Engineer in Maharashtra State Electricity Board.

Javed Ahmad
Project Fellow

He is currently doing M.Tech at CSIO,Mohali.

Short Term Project Students

Swathi Krishna
Ketan Rikame
Aditya Katti
Athul R. S.