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Srinivas Hotha was born as a fifth child to Sri Jogeswara Sarma and Annapurna on November 30, 1971.  His official date of birth is March 15, 1971 and had early education in various parts of coastal Andhra Pradesh.  He studied in S Ch B R M High School, D N R College and earned his BSc from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.  Subsequently, Srinivas did MSc from the School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad and MTech from School of Biochemical Engineering, IT BHU, Varanasi.  He joined the research group of Dr. Mukund Gurjar in 1995 and obtained his PhD in 2001 for the work he has carried out at the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune and Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad.  Later, he joined the Rockefeller University, New York to perform post-doctoral studies with Prof. Tarun M. Kapoor .  After wards, Hotha returned to India to begin his independent research studies in the National Chemical Laboratory as a Scientist.  In 2010, Hotha joined Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune as an Associate Professor - Chemistry where currently mentors research students in the carbohydrate chemistry.
He is recipient of young scientist award from Indian National Science Academy, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, AVRA Foundation and NCL Research Foundation.  Hotha won the DST-Swarnajayanti Fellowship in 2010 for continuing his efforts in the development of gold catalysed glycosidation. 

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