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Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) Pune

Ramana Athreya
Associate Professor
Astronomer & Ecologist


IISER-Pune Ecology-Evolution PhD Programme 2014

An astronomer by training, I also work on ecology and conservation of biological diversity. My principal interests are:
  1. Astrophysical phenomena best studied at low radio frequencies
  2. Biological diversity research (diversity patterns, and speciation processes.
  3. Wildlife conservation paradigms for Arunachal Pradesh

I offer undergraduate projects (6 months to a year) as well as PhD projects in both radio astronomy and ecology.

Amateur naturalists with substantial experience and knowledge are welcome to contribute to ecology projects.

Latest News

IISER-Pune Ecology-Evolution PhD 2014 (How to Apply)

I will be recruiting several PhD students to start work from August 2014 (selection interviews in June, 2014)

Moths of Arunachal Pradesh

Mansi Mungee, Sanjay Sondhi and I have started a research programme on moths of Arunachal Pradesh. The programme has recorded about 1500 different varieties. Of the sphingids alone we have over 1000 images, depicting 70+ species. We invite knowledgeable lepidopterists to review, and where necessary, comment on and correct the identification. We will be taking up the identification of Arctiidae next.
Sphingidae webpages

Current Projects


  1. Off-pulse emission in pulsars
  2. Absorption lines in quasar spectra
  3. Halo sources in galaxy clusters
  4. High sensitivity radio imaging

Ecology & Nature Conservation

  1. Elevational profile of moth diversity in Eaglenest wildlife sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Phylogeny of frogs of Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Felids of Eaglenest wildlife sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh
  4. Ants diversity in microhabitats
  5. Spider inventory of Eaglenest wildlife sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh

  6. Wildlife impact mitigation measures for hydroelectric dams of Arunachal Pradesh
  7. Community ecotourism as a conservation tool

Research Opportunities

Ecology - Field projects in Arunachal Pradesh during Summer 2013

  1. Frog survey in June-July (excellent frog locating and identification skills essential)
  2. Moth diversity studies durin May-June (familiaity with moth identification usful)

Ecology - Lab projects in IISER Pune

  1. Molecular phylogeny techniques and application - JRF/Postdoc
  2. Frogs: field surveys, taxonomy, molecular phylogeny - JRF
  3. Taxonomy of spiders - largely lab work, with some opportunities for field work - JRF/Postdoc
  4. Taxonomy of ants - largely lab work, with some opportunity for field work

My Contact


Indian Institute of Science Education & Research

office C202, Sai Trinity Building, Pashan, Pune: 411021. Maharashtra, India
Post 900, NCL Innovation Park, Homi Bhabha Road, Pune: 411008. Maharashtra, India


+91-20-25908000 (IISER), +91-20-25908022 (office), +91-99603-18508 (mobile)


rathreya *at* iiserpune *dot* ac *dot* in      firstname(dot)lastname *at* gmail

28 February 2013, Ramana Athreya