Exploring Light-Soft Matter Interactions @ Micro and Nanoscale

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Current Research:

Light Scattering + Soft-Matter

Single-molecule Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering

Nanowire Plasmonics


Facilities in our lab:

1) Fourier-plane optical microscopy and spectroscopy (home-built):

based on inverted microscope coupled to dual channel spectrometer, coupled with lasers of wavelength 633nm

2) Two-channel femtosecond pump-probe microscope (home-built):

Based on Ti:Sapphire femtosecond laser, to study nonlinear optics and coherent dynamics on single nanostructures

3) Dark-field nano-spectroscopy and microscopy (home-built):

based on upright microscope coupled to dual channel spectrometer

4) Multi-wavelength confocal spectroscopic imaging microscope:

based on high resolution spectrometry equipped with lasers at green and red wavelength

5) Computer workstation for photonics and plasmonics simulation

FEM, FDTD, DDA methods for plasmonics and photonics; Fourier optics with linear system theory

6) Nano-fabrication and nano-synthesis facility



Soft-Photonics Research Group

light scattering, soft-matter physics and more!