Soft-Photonics Research Group

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Dr. G.V. Pavan Kumar


Department of Physics,

h-cross, Experimental Physics Building,

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune

Pune, Maharashtra - 411008, India

e-mail: pavan[at]


My research Interests : Optics, Soft Matter Physics; History of Science

Keywords : Optical trapping, optical forces, structured light, scattering, Brownian motion, optothermal tweezers.

In my research group, we study the interaction of light with soft-matter from a photonics viewpoint.

Until now, I have supervised 11 PhD theses, 11 MS theses, a few post-docs and several undergraduate students at IISER Pune (see my group members - past and present). I continue to learn a lot from them.

See our publications sorted by : topics / chronology.

Another strand of my research is the history of science. I am interested in the historical evolution of ideas, tools and objects in physical sciences and technology. I research the life and work of past scientists, innovators, and people driven by curiosity, and I write about them from an Indian and Asian perspective. My motivation is to humanize science.

On my blog, you will find many of my writings, including podcasts and videos that I create as part of my research.


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Updated : 15th Feb 2024