Prof. Partha Hazra

Present PhD/Int. PhD and Master Students:

Past Members

Graduate Students:


1. Dr. Konoya Das (Obtained PhD in 2021): Presently She is a Publishing Editor in Royal Society of Chemistry.


2. Dr. Bibhisan Roy (Obtained PhD in 2019). Presently, Assistant Professor, Central University of Uttarakhand.


3. Dr. Sagar Satpathi (Obtained PhD in 2019). Presently, post-doctoral fellow in the University of Leeds, UK.


4. Dr. Rajkumar Koninti (Obtained PhD in 2017). Presently, post-doctoral fellow in Uppsala University, Sweden.


5. Dr. Krishna Gavalla (Obtained PhD in 2015). He is an Assistant Professor in IIT Hyderabad.


6. Dr. Abhigyan Sengupta (Obtained PhD in 2014). Presently Research scientist at Biophysics department, Technical University of Munich, Germany.


Post-doctoral Fellow:


Dr. Imtiyaaz Bhatt (SERB-NPDF fellow in 2017-2018).


Masters Students and Project Assistants:


1. Gautam M. Sukumaran (IISERP BS-MS student, worked for Master Thesis in 2018-2019).


2. Vivek Kumar (IISERP BS-MS student, worked for Master Thesis in 2013-2014).


3. Anup Ingole (IISERP BS-MS student, worked Master Thesis in 2012-2013).


4. Ketaki Sanjeev Athani (Pune University, worked for Master Thesis in 2010-2011).


5. Anushree A. Chikalwar (Pune University, worked for Master Thesis in 2010-2011).


6. Hrisikesh S. Joshi (project Assistant in a DST Sponsored project).


7. Rahul V. Khade (project Assistant in a DST sponsored project).

Aslam Uddin

(PhD Student, 2017)

Welcome to Dr. Partha Hazra Group

Professor in Chemistry


Research Topic: Design, Synthesis and Photophysics of Novel Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent, Phosphorescent and Solid State Multi-stimuli Responsive Organic Luminogens

Research Topic: (a) Self-Assembly Driven Tuneable Copper Nano-cluster formation & (b) Synthesis and Optical properties of Copper Dinuclear Complexes and Chain-clusters

Research Topic: Design, Synthesis of Novel Organic Molecules towards Early-Stage Detection of Amyloid Fibrils and their Mechanistic Role in Protein Misfolding Disease

Joy Chatterjee

(Int. PhD Student, 2018)

Abhijit Chatterjee

(Int. PhD Student, 2019)

Madhusudan Dutta (PhD Student, 2021)

Research Topic: Tuning Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) and Room Temperature Phosphorescence (RTP) of Organic Luminogens by Systematic Structural Modification.

One Open PhD and post-doctoral positions are available. Interested and motivated candidates can contact me through e-mail.

Anwesha Bera

(PhD Student, 2023)

Research Topic: Probing Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) and Long Persistent Phosphorescence in Organic Luminogens.

Sowbhick Patra

(PhD Student, 2023)

Research Topic: Design, Synthesis and Photophysics of Novel Long, Persistent Room Temperature Phosphorescent Organic Luminogens.

Sundaravalli N.

(Master Student, 2023-24)

Research Topic: Modulation of Emission Characteristics by Donor Substitution in Charge Transfer Based Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent Emitters.