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PHY454: Condensed Matter Physics - II

[Spring 2014]
Credit: 3 credit for BS-MS students, and 4 credit for Ph. D. students with extra assignment/project/presentation.
Hour: 2 lectures per week, and 1 hr / lecture
Prerequisite: Condensed Matter Physics - I (only for BS-MS students)
Grading: Mid-sem and End-sem exam: 30% each; Assignments/Quiz/Presentation: 40%. For Ph.D. students there will be extra assignments/self-reading-project/presentation.


I. Interacting electrons
      » Interacting N-particle Hamiltonian
      » Need for Second Quantization formalism
      » Hartree-Fock approximation in second quantization
      » Brief overview on Density Functional Theory

II. Linear response theory
      » Fluctuation-dissipation theorem
      » F-sum rule

III. Physics of disorder
      » Kubo formula for conductivity
      » Scaling theory of localization
      » Quantum hall effect

IV. Magnetism
      » Local moment magnetism
      » Exchange interaction
      » Band-magnetism-Stoner theory
      » Spin density wave
      » Friedel-Anderson model
      » Kondo problem

V. Fermi liquid theory
      » Electron spectral function
      » Quasi-particles and Landau interaction parameter
      » Fermi liquid in Kondo problem

VI. Superconductivity
      » Landau diamagnetism
      » London equation and effect of disorder
      » Ginzburg-Landau theory
      » Vortices
      » Type II superconductor

Lecture notes and the exact class schedule will be updated as we go on with the course!

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