Welcome to Polymers & Biomaterials Research Group


CHM-421: Polymer Chemistry:

This course is emphasized to provide fundamental knowledge in polymer chemistry. This course is very important for all the students who wish to learn and practice chemistry. The students will be benefited with new scientific concepts of macromolecular science.


CH2213: Analytical Chemistry

This course will be focused on teaching fundamentals in analytical chemistry concepts, methodologies, and instrumentation techniques for the analysis of chemical and biological molecules. Advanced material characterization tools and its application to research and modern technology will be emphasized. Problem solving abilities and exposure to advanced instrumentation facilities in the institute is incorporated. This course will be highly beneficial to the undergraduate students who are highly inclined and motivated to become experimental scientist in the branches of chemistry, biology, physics and interdisciplinary subjects.


CHM-121: Chemistry Lab–I

Undergraduate laboratory course for 1st Year Students. This course is jointly offered with other faculty members in the department


CHM-331: Self-assembly in Chemistry:

This chemistry course is aimed to provide fundamental aspects of self-assembly in chemistry and its application for supramolecular architectures. This course provides foundation for students who are interested in molecular materials, nanomaterials, biology-chemistry interface and self-assembly in chemical and biological systems. (This course is not offered by me now)