Welcome to Polymers & Biomaterials Research Group


Our research programme is emphasized on the creation of new knowledge at the interface of chemistry-and-biology by empowering the remarkable macromolecular science (polymers). The research programs are designed to impart training to next generation undergraduate and graduate students with equal importance to synthetic knowledge (organic/polymers) and biomedical application.


Professor Manickam Jayakannan

Department of Chemistry

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune 411008

Maharashtra, India


Phone (Direct): +91-20-2590 8087

Phone (Institute): +91-20-2590-8001


E-mail: jayakannan@iiserpune.ac.in

(OR) jayakannan18@gmail.com




Research Topics

Eco-friendly Synthesis of Biodegradable Polymers from L-Amino acids

Linear, Star, and Brush-type Biodegradable Block Copolymers For Drug Delivery

Stimuli-responsive Polysaccharide Polymersomes

FRET Bioprobes & Cellular Bio-imaging

Antimicrobial Polymers


Recent Publications

AIE-Driven Fluorescent Polysaccharide Polymersome as Enzyme-responsive FRET Nanoprobe to Study the Real-time Delivery Aspects in Live-Cells

Deshpande, Nilesh Umakant; Virmani, Mishika; Jayakannan, Manickam

Polymer Chemistry (2021), 12, 1549-1561.



Biodegradable Polymer Theranostic Fluorescent Nanoprobe for Direct Visualization and Quantitative Determination of Antimicrobial Activity

Ghosh, Ruma; Malhotra, Mehak; Madhuri Sathe, Rupali Ravindra; Jayakannan, Manickam

Biomacromolecules (2020), 21(7), 2896-2912.



Development of L-Amino-Acid-Based Hydroxyl Functionalized Biodegradable Amphiphilic Polyesters and Their Drug Delivery Capabilities to Cancer Cells

Saxena, Sonashree; Jayakannan, Manickam

Biomacromolecules (2020), 21(1), 171-187.



Perylene-Tagged Polycaprolactone Block Copolymers and Their Enzyme-Biodegradable Fluorescent Nanoassemblies for Intracellular Bio-imaging in Cancer Cells

Kulkarni, Bhagyashree; Malhotra, Mehak; Jayakannan, Manickam

ACS Applied Polymer Materials (2019), 1(12), 3375-3388.



Enzyme-Responsive Theranostic FRET Probe Based on L-Aspartic Amphiphilic Polyester Nanoassemblies for Intracellular Bioimaging in Cancer Cells

Saxena, Sonashree; Pradeep, Anu; Jayakannan, Manickam

ACS Applied Bio Materials (2019), 2(12), 5245-5262.



Development of L-Lysine Based Biodegradable Polyurethanes and Their Dual-Responsive Amphiphilic Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells

Joshi, Dheeraj Chandra; Saxena, Sonashree; Jayakannan, Manickam

ACS Applied Polymer Materials (2019), 1(7), 1866-1880.