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R. Boomi Shankar


The research focus of our group falls in the broader fields of inorganic and materials chemistry with emphasis to applications in the areas of supramolecular, host-guest and nonlinear materials chemistry. We use advanced synthetic tools such as vacuum Schlenk line techniques, inert Glove box atmosphere, programmable hot air oven, microwave synthesizers and crystallization techniques to obtain our compounds. Further we use several state of the art instrumentation techniques and computational analysis to characterize and study the functional properties of the compounds that are synthesized in our laboratory.


1. January 2022: A comprehensive Review Article featuring Vijayakanth and Boomishankar has been published in Adv. Funct. Mat.

2. December 2021: Prof. Boomi Shankar has received the flagship SERB-STAR Award (Dec. 2021-Dec. 2024)

3. November 2021: A personal Account from the group featuring Meghamala, Rajasekar and Cavya and Boomishankar has got published in Chem. Rec.

4. October 2021: Supriya has got a paper accepted in ACS Materials Au, congratulations!

5. October 2021: Rishbh and Supriya has got a paper published in a special collection of Chem. Asian. J

6. September 2021: Prof. Boomi Shankar has been awarded with the CRSI Bronze Medal for the year 2022

7. August 2021: New doctoral students Nilotpal and Vikash have joined our lab, Welcome Aboard!

8. June 2021: Rishabh has got a paper accepted in Inorg. Chem., Congratulations!

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