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(This tutorial is basically a recapitulations of your 12th std knowledge. Also, each question has a certain purpose mentioned below the question. Therefore, it is important to solve them even though they may be trivial)

Tutorial 1

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Slides and Lecture Notes

Topic 1: Begining of the electronic era, Thomson's, Millikan's, and Rutherford's experiments

Lecture 2    

Rutherford Scattering

Topic 2: Blackbody Radiation and Bohr's Quantization

Lecture 3    Atkins

Radiating Charge and Blackbody Spectrum

Tutorial 2

Topic 3: Wave Particle Duality of Light

(interference, diffraction and photoelectric effect)

Lecture 4      

Travelling wave created by rotating disk connected to strings Wave on String

Interference and diffraction Wave Interference    Interference_NCERT

Photoelectric effect    Atkins

Tutorial 3

Topic 5: The Wave Particle Duality of Matter (i.e., electrons, protons, you and I): Probability Wave

Lecture 5       Feynman Lecture       Electron Interference         Tutorial 4

QM: The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap - NOVA (watch up to 22:00)

Topic 6: Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Topic 7: Schrodinger Equation: Way to find the Matter-Wave

Lecture 6-7 and Atkins and Mathematica Slide

Tutorial 5

Quiz1 will be held on 8th September (Saturday) from 5 p.m. at LHC. Please go to your respective rooms as mentioned in the email. Syllabus of the quiz1 is upto the last lecture (Particle in a box)

Tutorial 7 will be the discussion of Quiz1

Lecture 8-9 and Atkins Particle in a box    

Bound State (Square Well)

Tutorial 6

Superposition of Eigenfunctions from Atkins

Uncertainty in Particle in a Box derivation

Topic 8: How to model other systems and other types of motion such as rotation? It is all in the Hamiltonian

Lecture 10 to 12

Tutorial 7

Particle on a ring

Lecture 13-15 Notes

Lecture 14 Video

Tutorial 8

Lecture 15 Video

Particle on a sphere

Lecture 16 & 17 Notes

Lecture 16 Video

Tutorial 9

Lecture 17 Video

Topic 9: The Hydrogen Atom

Lecture 18 Notes

Lecture 18 Video

Tutorial 10

Lecture 19 Video

Lecture 20 Video

App for visualizing hydrogen-atom orbitals

Tutorial 11

Topic 10: Multielectron Systems

Multielectron Atoms

Lecture 21 Video

Tutorial 12

Lecture 22 Video

The Chemical Bond

Lecture 23 Video

Tutorial 13