Teaching at IISER Pune

  1. MTH101: Single variable calculus - Fall 2017
  2. MTH204: Basic structures in mathematics - Spring 2017
  3. MTH622: Topology II - Spring 2016
  4. MTH632: Algebraic geometry - Fall 2015
  5. MTH622: Topology II - Spring 2015
  6. MTH101: Single Variable Calculus -Fall 2014
  7. MTH320: Vector spaces, rings and modules- Spring 2014

Current PhD student(s):

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Introductory lectures on Algebraic stacks at QGM

A video recording of 7 of my 8 lectures on algebraic stacks given at QGM can be found here. The goal of these lectures was to introduce the concept of an algebraic stack to graduate students with differential geometry background.